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"Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable open-air Shakespeare events that I have seen... These actors took to their roles with an impressive ease... They delivered with such enthusiasm that at times their lines actually felt impromptu rather than rehearsed... Mad Cap Theatre Productions truly delivered with this. They were funny, they were heartfelt, and they brought out their characters with the ease and professionalism of experienced actors... An all-round success, as far as I’m concerned"

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"Worcestershire’s Madcap Theatre Productions who have taken the Bard’s frolic in the Forest of Arden by the scruff of the ruff and given it a good shake. And this can mean only one thing. There’s never a dull moment… For this helter-skelter ride through the greenwood is a crash, bang and wallop of a show that never for one single moment lets up on the madness and mayhem... A dream of a masterpiece and one that made for a fantastic night of entertainment"

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